Monday, August 13, 2007

Kitchen Gadgets - Chef'n Silicone Switch It Spatula

What it is: Chef'n Silicone Switch It Spatula
Why It's Different: Great design, durable product
Why You Need a Few: Handy for everything from folding, to scraping the last bits of mayo or mustard out of the jar
* Great Gift Alert!*

Chef'n brand products are some of my new favorites. Many are made from durable silicone, which just makes any cook's life a lot easier. Why? This SwitchIt spatula, for instance, is handy for every mixing job in the kitchen - and it's heat resistant, meaning you can use it in any of your beautiful cookware. With nary a concern about scraping and scratching!

The Chef'n products also just LOOK great, and let's face it - we love to fill our kitchen with cute (and functional) gadgets. Pick up a few of these, because friends will want to 'borrow' one once they try it at your place...