Monday, October 01, 2012

A Great Garlic Gizmo: Garlic Zoom

Do you consider a garlic press passe? Want to have more fun mincing your garlic? Well then do I have a garlic gadget for you! The Garlic Zoom by Chef'n is a fantastic little garlic gadget that makes chopping and mincing garlic a much easier task. In fact, chopping your garlic will no longer be considered a chore at all!

With the garlic zoom - which comes in a few dazzling colors, such as green and red - you simply pop open the top lid of the gadget, throw in your peeled garlic cloves, and then 'zoom' 'zoom' 'zoom' to your heart's content! The rubberized wheels on the bottom are like the wheels on a toy car, but they work to turn the blades inside the gadget, thus mincing and chopping your garlic. Keep on 'zooming' until the garlic is perfectly minced - either big and chunky or finely minced, however you like it.

Do you have a garlic zoom? Leave a comment and tell us what your favorite features are.
PS. You will need a basic Garlic Peeler to peel your cloves of garlic before using the Garlic Zoom. Garlic peelers are basically a rubber tube - you pop in a regular clove of garlic and roll the tube around on the countertop, and the peel comes off.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

More Garlic Goodies: Joseph Joseph Garlic Crusher

Even EASIER than a garlic press is the new garlic crusher by wonderful Joseph Joseph. How easy can it be?

Just place a peeled garlic clove on your countertop or cutting board. Use the Joseph Joseph garlic crusher to rock back and forth over the garlic - using that rocking motion until the garlic is minced as finely as you like. Scoop the crushed garlic into the end (the end is shaped sort of like a spoon) and then add to your recipe.

Rinse off your Joseph Joseph garlic crusher and use the end bit to rub your fingers on - since it's stainless, you'll effectively remove the stinky scent of garlic from your hands.

Great Garlic Press! Oxo Stainless Garlic Press

Looking for a fantastic garlic press that will really get the job of mincing garlic done in a flash? You've found it! Oxo Good Grips is one of my favorite brands (the black grippy material makes it easy to use these kitchen tools over and over again - they're comfortable, sturdy and well made)...and this garlic press is a fave. The durable construction of the garlic press makes it one you'll use for years:

And remember a favorite kitchen hint for after you're finished with the garlic. If you have any lingering garlic odors on your fingers and hands then just use anything made of stainless steel - a spoon for instance - and rub your moistened hand on the stainless steel to totally remove the stinky smells left behind!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Kitchen Gadgets - Make Fresh French Fries at Home - French Fry Cutter

Who needs McDonald's? Once you have your own snazzy french fry cutter, you can easily slice fresh potatoes into perfect french fries, ready to bake (drizzled with olive oil and salt and pepper at a high oven heat...halfway through baking use a heat-safe spatula to flip the fries) or fry. Delicious!

Just as delicious is the fact that this version is popular with consumers and still costs under $15.00.