Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Garlic Chop - Garlic Mincing and Chopping Made Easy - Kitchen Gadgets

Oh, I love a good chunk of garlic. Really - I'm one of those people who seriously doesn't mind when people around me smell like garlic, in fact - it's one of those utopia smells for me! If you're a garlic fiend too, then easing garlic preparation is a must. One of my coworkers insists upon an new garlic chopping gadget called, appropriately, the Garlic Chop:

Pop in peeled cloves of garlic, twist the gadget a few times (more if you want finely minced garlic) and voila - gorgeously chopped garlic, ready to use in all of your favorite, garlic-filled recipes. Hurray! Fresh garlic made simple at last.