Monday, October 01, 2012

A Great Garlic Gizmo: Garlic Zoom

Do you consider a garlic press passe? Want to have more fun mincing your garlic? Well then do I have a garlic gadget for you! The Garlic Zoom by Chef'n is a fantastic little garlic gadget that makes chopping and mincing garlic a much easier task. In fact, chopping your garlic will no longer be considered a chore at all!

With the garlic zoom - which comes in a few dazzling colors, such as green and red - you simply pop open the top lid of the gadget, throw in your peeled garlic cloves, and then 'zoom' 'zoom' 'zoom' to your heart's content! The rubberized wheels on the bottom are like the wheels on a toy car, but they work to turn the blades inside the gadget, thus mincing and chopping your garlic. Keep on 'zooming' until the garlic is perfectly minced - either big and chunky or finely minced, however you like it.

Do you have a garlic zoom? Leave a comment and tell us what your favorite features are.
PS. You will need a basic Garlic Peeler to peel your cloves of garlic before using the Garlic Zoom. Garlic peelers are basically a rubber tube - you pop in a regular clove of garlic and roll the tube around on the countertop, and the peel comes off.