Tuesday, March 06, 2012

More Garlic Goodies: Joseph Joseph Garlic Crusher

Even EASIER than a garlic press is the new garlic crusher by wonderful Joseph Joseph. How easy can it be?

Just place a peeled garlic clove on your countertop or cutting board. Use the Joseph Joseph garlic crusher to rock back and forth over the garlic - using that rocking motion until the garlic is minced as finely as you like. Scoop the crushed garlic into the end (the end is shaped sort of like a spoon) and then add to your recipe.

Rinse off your Joseph Joseph garlic crusher and use the end bit to rub your fingers on - since it's stainless, you'll effectively remove the stinky scent of garlic from your hands.

Great Garlic Press! Oxo Stainless Garlic Press

Looking for a fantastic garlic press that will really get the job of mincing garlic done in a flash? You've found it! Oxo Good Grips is one of my favorite brands (the black grippy material makes it easy to use these kitchen tools over and over again - they're comfortable, sturdy and well made)...and this garlic press is a fave. The durable construction of the garlic press makes it one you'll use for years:

And remember a favorite kitchen hint for after you're finished with the garlic. If you have any lingering garlic odors on your fingers and hands then just use anything made of stainless steel - a spoon for instance - and rub your moistened hand on the stainless steel to totally remove the stinky smells left behind!