Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Kitchen Gadgets - Zyliss Shake 'n' Go Shaker (for Protein Drinks, Smoothies, Dressings, more)

What it is: Zyliss Shake 'n' Go Shaker
What it does: Shakes things up (in a wonderful way)
Why you need it: It's ideal for taking a smoothie to go with you in the car...or for making lovely homemade dressing and vinaigrettes at home for your healthy salads.

Zyliss, 29440, Shake 'n Go Shaker, Green

Can you tell yet that I'm a little obssessed with Zyliss products? I just love them. Zyliss makes smart products that work well and feel right in your hands while you're using them. This Shake 'n' Go shaker is a perfect example of just that.

I have this little green shaker container, and use it for whipping up quick homemade dressings (thanks to the little attachment inside that helps make blending a breeze) or to take a smoothie to go with me wherever I happen to be going.

This is a real bargain too - for under five bucks you're getting a true multi-tasker for around the kitchen. I find that the spout makes sipping easy AND the lid stays on true and tight. I've never had this little shaker leak even a drop! (At work, where we sell these - a box usually doesn't last a week. Customers have caught on to these amazing little gizmos too, and so they never last long.)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Kitchen Gadgets - A Bodum French Press

A must have for any coffee lover is a Bodum French Press coffee maker. A Bodum makes delicious coffee, and hey - no electricity required! Today's Kitchen Gadget (MUST HAVE) of the day is a Bodum Coffeemaker. Their Chambord line is the one we typically think of when we think of a Bodum - it is the real classic.

Enjoy, coffee lovers!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Kitchen Gadgets - Danesco Silicone Cupcake Liners

Danesco Silicone Mini Muffin/Cupcake Liners
Why you need them: They make mini muffin and/or cupcake baking far easier. (Read that: no more stuck cupcakes! Which means no more wasted cupcake yumminess...)

Just use these on top of a regular baking sheet, or in mini muffin pans to line your delicious cupcake creations. Once you try these, you'll be hooked - especially if you love baking cupcakes, but want them to come out of the pan in one piece. These handy little silicone liners ensure excellent results.

Kitchen Gadgets - Zyliss Palm-Held Pizza Slicer

What it is: Zyliss Pizza Slicer (in the handy little round shape that fits neatly into your palm)
What it does: Slice easily through thick or thin crust pizza. And look stylish at the same time, if that happens to matter to you (as it does to me...)
Why you need it: It's the grooviest little pizza cutter/slicer that I've tried

When we first received a box of these Zyliss pizza cutters/slicers at the kitchen shop where I work, we sold out within a few days. People came back wanting to buy more as gifts for pizza-loving friends and family. Why were they so popular? Because the sharp edges of this handy little slicer will zip right through any pizza...and it's small size makes it easy to hold AND easy to store in even tiny apartment kitchens. The stylish look of the cutter certainly doesn't hurt either.

Kitchen Gadgets - Zyliss Ice Cream Scoop

What it is: The Zyliss Ice Cream Scoop
What it does: Create perfect scoops of ice cream - and I do mean perfect!
Why you need it: Yeah, I know it's the middle of winter - but I'm a firm believer in ice cream consumption all year round.

In the market for a fantastic new ice cream scoop? This is by far my favorite of all time. The Zyliss Ice Cream Scoop just feels right in your hand, so if you're scooping ice cream (or frozen yogurt, etc) for a crowd, your hand won't be left feeling completely numb. It has a nice weight to it, and it swoops out perfect little scoops of ice cream. Great for stuffing into a cone, piling up in an ice cream bowl and smothering with hot fudge...or adding on top of steaming hot apple pie.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Kitchen Gadgets - Danesco Garlic Peeler Reviewed

What it is: Danesco Garlic Peeler (In a gorgeous shade of green - yes, other colors are available)
What it does: Easily peel cloves of fresh delicious garlic
Do you need it? YES
Why you need it: Because it makes peeling garlic an absolute breeze. And your friends won't have a clue what that green tube is doing in your gadgets drawer...

If you ask me, garlic should be a mandatory ingredient in every recipe. Yes, even your Mom's lemon meringue pie. (OKAY...maybe I do have a bit of a garlic dependency. But can you BLAME me?) If you have a deep and loyal love for the smelly stuff too, then you'll want to pick up one of these handy little garlic peeler tubes. For five bucks you get a handy little gadget that does JUST what it should. Just pop a fresh garlic clove in this little green tube, place on the countertop, and roll it around with your hand and all the papery garlic skins will come right off. Leaving you with a cute, naked little garlic clove. Ready for any recipe!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Kitchen Gadgets - Hershey's Kisses Chocolate Fondue Set

What it is: Hershey's Kisses Novelty Chocolate Fondue Set
What it does: Cover everything in delcious melted chocolate. How can that NOT be insanely good?
Why you should get one: It makes a fantastic gift. And hey, it costs under $10.

Hershey Kiss Fondue Set, just $9.99

It's cute, it covers all things edible in a gorgeous velvety coating of rich melted chocolate fondue. It's a fabulous bargain - I'd say these are all incredible reasons to invest a few bucks in a cute little chocolate fondue pot.

Have a fondue night - it's incredibly trendy right now to fondue. Start off with a great cheese fondue, then top the night off with a chocolate fondue. Need inspiration on WHAT to dip in chocolate? (Wow, you must live on an entirely different PLANET than me...but I digress...) Fresh fruit, hearty chunks of pound cake, roasted nuts - the list could go on forever. Enjoy!