Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Kitchen Gadgets - Swissmar V-Slicer Plus (Mandolin/Mandoline)

What it is: Swissmar V-Slicer Plus Mandolin
Why It's Fantastic: Because it slices and dices everything you need in the kitchen
Why You Should Get One: Because it's $21.99 for a very reliable mandolin. Every kitchen needs one of these gadgets!

Whether you need to slice, dice or julienne - this Swissmar V Slicer does it all for you. Neatly and with minimal effort. Plus, the huge hand guard thingamajiggy keeps your fingers all protected from the big, bad (and very sharp) blade. This is a good thing, as only professional chefs should use a mandoline without a guard on for protection.

The thing that impresses me about this model is not only that it's well designed and made, but look at that price! We sell mandolines in the kitchen shop where I work for $300. This is less than 1/10th of that price, for a very decent kitchen must-have.

Right, it IS plastic. But really, unless you plan to use a mandoline all the time, you don't need the pricier stainless steel versions.

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