Friday, July 25, 2008

Must Haves for Grocery Shopping - Reisenthel Bags

A well stocked kitchen these days has a good assortment of durable, re-usable grocery bags or sacks to haul with you on your supermarket shopping adventures. I've discovered a new favorite - Reisenthel bags!

Reisenthel has an extensive line of bags that are easy to roll up and carry in a color coordinated little pouch. Perfect for popping in your purse and keeping on hand whenever you go out shopping...

Or -- how about one of these adorable shopping baskets? Very well designed, sturdy and ready to grab and go on your way to the local farmer's market, these gorgeous baskets will become a mainstay in your home. (Or, just keep one or two in the back of the car. You're ready for shopping any time!)

Just look at some of the fun designs...

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