Monday, December 25, 2006

Kitchen Gadgets #2 - A $6.00 Candy Thermometer for Fudge and Candymaking

What it is: A good old-fashioned thermomenter, likely very similar to the ones your Mom & Grandma had
What it does: Help you to create consistenly decadent homemade fudges and candies
Kitchen Gadgets Rating: 5/5 (Yep, it's REALLY that good!)

You COULD go and spend $25, $50 or more on some fancy thermometer for your candymaking adventures, but why bother? This version will only set you back a very reasonable $6 and the results are consistent and reliable. And yes, fudge making in particular is far easier with a good candy thermometer - no more guessing if it's hardball or softball stage...

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