Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Kitchen Gadgets #3 - a Microplane Zester/Grater

What it is: A Microplane zester/grater (the kind you see ALL the time on popular Food Network shows)
Why You need it: Because it's an ultra sharp little grater that makes everyday prep tasks in the kitchen fast & easy.

This handy little MUST HAVE in the kitchen is useful in all sorts of ways:
  • the Microplane grater/zester works quickly to remove the delicious zest of citrus fruits. All the natural oils in the zests make them a must in so many recipes - from baking, to salad dressings
  • Great for grating (har har) - hard chocolate or cheese is no match for the sharp little teeth on the Microplane. It also works well to finely grate nutmeg to sprinkle into cream sauces, or to top your fancy Coffee Creations.

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