Saturday, January 06, 2007

Kitchen Gadgets - Danesco Garlic Peeler Reviewed

What it is: Danesco Garlic Peeler (In a gorgeous shade of green - yes, other colors are available)
What it does: Easily peel cloves of fresh delicious garlic
Do you need it? YES
Why you need it: Because it makes peeling garlic an absolute breeze. And your friends won't have a clue what that green tube is doing in your gadgets drawer...

If you ask me, garlic should be a mandatory ingredient in every recipe. Yes, even your Mom's lemon meringue pie. (OKAY...maybe I do have a bit of a garlic dependency. But can you BLAME me?) If you have a deep and loyal love for the smelly stuff too, then you'll want to pick up one of these handy little garlic peeler tubes. For five bucks you get a handy little gadget that does JUST what it should. Just pop a fresh garlic clove in this little green tube, place on the countertop, and roll it around with your hand and all the papery garlic skins will come right off. Leaving you with a cute, naked little garlic clove. Ready for any recipe!

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