Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Kitchen Gadgets - Zyliss Shake 'n' Go Shaker (for Protein Drinks, Smoothies, Dressings, more)

What it is: Zyliss Shake 'n' Go Shaker
What it does: Shakes things up (in a wonderful way)
Why you need it: It's ideal for taking a smoothie to go with you in the car...or for making lovely homemade dressing and vinaigrettes at home for your healthy salads.

Zyliss, 29440, Shake 'n Go Shaker, Green

Can you tell yet that I'm a little obssessed with Zyliss products? I just love them. Zyliss makes smart products that work well and feel right in your hands while you're using them. This Shake 'n' Go shaker is a perfect example of just that.

I have this little green shaker container, and use it for whipping up quick homemade dressings (thanks to the little attachment inside that helps make blending a breeze) or to take a smoothie to go with me wherever I happen to be going.

This is a real bargain too - for under five bucks you're getting a true multi-tasker for around the kitchen. I find that the spout makes sipping easy AND the lid stays on true and tight. I've never had this little shaker leak even a drop! (At work, where we sell these - a box usually doesn't last a week. Customers have caught on to these amazing little gizmos too, and so they never last long.)

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