Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Kitchen Gadgets - Mezzaluna - Herb Chopper with Special Matching Cutting Board

What it Is: Rachael Ray Mezzaluna
What it does: easily chops everything from fresh herbs (which is truly what it's ideal for) to garlic, shallots, small onions - anything that needs to be chopped!
Why you need it: The dual blade mezzaluna does the chopping work for you quickly and easily.

Popular TV chef Rachael Ray not only creates fun and easy-to-read cookbooks, but now she's venturing into her own kitchenwares line. This 'Froggy' mezzaluna, takes the old fashioned, incredibly useful mezzaluna and makes it just as adorable as it is functional. The green grips are easy to hold on to, and makes a breeze of normally tedious chopping jobs - especially chopping up herbs. And the specially designed chopping board has a rounded groove in the bottom, so as to fit the mezzaluna perfectly. Chopping has never been so easy!

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