Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Kitchen Gadgets -What is a Mezzaluna?

Want an easy way to chop, chop, chop those herbs? What you need is a mezzaluna! Basically a dual bladed rounded knife with handles on either end, a mezzaluna makes chopping even piles of herbs a breeze. You might've seen Nigella Lawson (or other famous Food Network chefts) chop herbs this way.

Need a fun and unique gift for your favorite foodie? (Yes, that can include yourself! We all need to treat ourselves once in a while, right?) A mezzaluna might very nicely fit the bill...Check out this classic version I found for under $10:

A rounded-middle chopping board that is especially designed for use with a mezzaluna makes chopping herbs and garlic all the easier! This one is by Nigella Lawson, who (like I mentioned before) I've often seen on Food Network using a mezzaluna.

And, pizza lovers - here's an oversized mezzaluna just for slicing your favorite cheesey food! Just roll the mezzaluna a few times over the pizza, and voila! Perfect slices, all ready to pick up and chomp down on.

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