Friday, April 17, 2009

Le Creuset Cool Tool Handle Sleeve - Keeps Pots and Pans' Handles Cool

Ahhhh, Le Creuset. You'll never catch me saying anything bad about this beautiful cookware. It cooks beautifully, is a perfect partner in slow cooked favorites like soups, stews and chilis. But, beyond that it looks exquisite - pretty enough to keep out on the stove anytime!

Le Creuset has a nifty tool to keep the long handles on any of your cookware cool enough to handle - the Cool Tool Handle sleeve, made of durable silicone. Comes in a variety of colors, and will work on Le Creuset skillets and grill pans. Easily slips over the long handle, to allow you to grab even a hot pan handle with ease. A top notch gadget for any kitchen. Would we expect any less from Le Creuset?

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Toby said...

These can be hard to get off pans quickly in the oven. I use older cloth (like pot holder) types made for cast iron pans, they slip on and off easily and can be washed with all your other stuff like kitchen towels.